Tuesday, 29 April 2014

powertex jewelry

This beautiful cuff  by Leanne was made from an old wedding dress and red powertex
Using a paper cup wrapped in foil as a mold it was easy to create  and once it had hardened
Leanne painted with black powertex to show off the details

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Stoneart and canvas project

Now that spring is in the the air I was inspired to create this canvas
Starting with blue and ivory Powertex  and some Stoneart  working in sections
I painted the background and then rubbed in the Stoneart several times to create some texture
Next, some corrugated cardboard's and Powercotton to create the ground ,
painted with bronze Powertex
A bit of cheesecloth for the cloud, toothpicks for the stems and decorative paper for the flowers

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

coast 2 coast make and take

Everyone seems to be having too much fun working on their "make and take" projects.
Show visitors could create a decorated picture frame or plaster face to use as a necklace.  It was a great introduction to the product. Most had never worked with Powertex and had no problems
getting into the swing of things. 

This is Crystal Gray, she was working the booth across from ours and was really intrigued
with the product. We chatted about all the possibilities Powertex has to offer and Crystal
wondered if she could create something Egyptian for her mom . A google search and some
corrugated cardboard later she was on her way! 
 A bit of black Powertex and gold Powercolor to finish it off.  Great job Crystal!!

Monday, 14 April 2014

coast 2 coast demo with Ava

One of the great things at the Coast 2 Coast event is the demo area.
Every hour there is someone showing you tips and tricks for all kinds of products.
Above is Ava Gavloski
showing her techniques for creating this wonderful album cover
using bronze Powertex, a cotton t-shirt, plaster face, a 4x6" photo album
It is finished with copper highlites using Powercolor bronze metallic and Easy Varnish

Sunday, 13 April 2014

coast 2 coast part one

This week Brigitte was participating at the Coast to Coast event
organized by Audrey DeJong
Two of Brigitte's samples for her cash and carry class,
"Mixed Media Canvas"
featuring techniques using ivory Powertex with Stone Art
and working with canvas, twine, Powercotton, wooden skewers
and  highlighting with Bister

Everyone hard at work