Friday, 27 June 2014

Tineke Doornbosch

When Tineke Doornbosch immigrated to Canada, she brought from Holland a zest for gardening and a zeal for garden art. It was only natural that she sought to embrace both of these passions with the study of fabric sculpting. Tineke was one of the first to introduce it to eastern Canada.
Our sculptures -which we playfully call "Garden Spirits"- have been instrumental in the growing interest of fabric sculpting in Canada. "We use a myriad of different materials to create our figurines". "We especially love working with natural products from my own garden and the natural world: cotton, stone, ceramic, wood, brick, wicker, grass.
Each of our creations develops its own name and personality. It's not planned that way. It just happens.. and it usually brings a smile to the face of my friends, family and guests. "We try to be environmentally sensitive in our gardens and we like our Garden Spirits to reflect that sensitivity. We've experimented with several different hardening mediums over the years and found that Powertex is the best all-round, environmentally sensitive medium for this type of art."

Tineke offers workshops from her home in Perth.
 It’s a fun day out for a bunch of ladies, (men are welcome too).
 A nice lunch is included and at the end of the day we’ll serve a nice glass of wine accompanied by a nice cheese platter and other goodies while we admire each others’ creations.
 No one will go home disappointed. Most students so far have come back for more.
 Please view our website:
with some fun pictures of our Garden Spirits, shows and workshops.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

powertex angel

inspired by lucy anglin , she names her art work alphabetically,
my first angel  "agnes"
who has always been my muse for all my creations

using a one inch dowel , wooden base and plaster head
i created the body with foil, masking tape and gauze
armature wire for the wings base, covered with masking tape
paper decoration for the wings and a t-shirt for the dress
green powertex and copper colortricx metallic with easy varnish

Monday, 16 June 2014

romantic designs

plenty of free parking, handicap access and a peaceful environment
 to browse or take classes in.
Studio one is the Art Gallery and Gift Shoppe filled with original art works
in various mediums  and sizes and is open year-round, Wednesday
to Saturday, noon to 4pm 
Next door is their classroom where students can take classes year-round- daily
and in the evenings in Painting and Sculpting with Polymer clay and Powertex.
 check out list of class here

At Romantic Designs the only thing stopping you is your own Imagination.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Zulu the firefly

               It has been three years since I took a one-day workshop with Tineke (
and I haven't stopped since. I name my sculptures alphabetically so I can better keep track of them.
  I have just started the alphabet a third time! I have sold about half of my sculptures and the rest
 have been gifts or still decorate our house and garden. Quinn has been in the garden for two years now and survived two Quebec winters! A hungry squirrel thought her nose was a buried seed and
dug it out the first winter, but after a quick face job, she looks better than ever!
              I belong to two different art associations and exhibit five times a year. In between, I give workshops to small groups at someone's home (like a tupperware party!) and everyone happily goes home with their own creation. I am hooked on the bronze colour as I love the faux-look of a bronze sculpture. Everyone is fooled and amazed!
              I don't have a studio but have a lovely big table set up in the unfinished basement. I have decent lighting, good music and a very helpful and supportive husband! Zulu the firefly who just won the "coup de coeur" (people's choice) this last weekend at the expo-concours in Pincourt, QC (theme: light). Last year at the same competition, I won "honourable mention" for Galaxia (theme: window on the future). The other photos are a workshop given as a surprise party and me (with Pandora) at the most recent exhibition in Beaconsfield, QC.

All my sculptures can be seen on my blog:

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

exciting news

Leanne Schmidt is now our east coast distributor!!
located on the outskirts of Halifax , Nova Scotia, Canada

Leanne will be supplying a wide variety of Powetex products as well as hosting classes

Leanne is a talented artist in many mediums and will be featuring artworks by
Strange Day Knits, Sew Scary, Michelle Hiltz, Andrea's Upcycling, Debbie's jewelry,
Auldcroft Angora, Little Luxuries and Jen Romnes
(and more coming soon!!)

visit Leanne at her shop
 or on the web at