Friday, 27 June 2014

Tineke Doornbosch

When Tineke Doornbosch immigrated to Canada, she brought from Holland a zest for gardening and a zeal for garden art. It was only natural that she sought to embrace both of these passions with the study of fabric sculpting. Tineke was one of the first to introduce it to eastern Canada.
Our sculptures -which we playfully call "Garden Spirits"- have been instrumental in the growing interest of fabric sculpting in Canada. "We use a myriad of different materials to create our figurines". "We especially love working with natural products from my own garden and the natural world: cotton, stone, ceramic, wood, brick, wicker, grass.
Each of our creations develops its own name and personality. It's not planned that way. It just happens.. and it usually brings a smile to the face of my friends, family and guests. "We try to be environmentally sensitive in our gardens and we like our Garden Spirits to reflect that sensitivity. We've experimented with several different hardening mediums over the years and found that Powertex is the best all-round, environmentally sensitive medium for this type of art."

Tineke offers workshops from her home in Perth.
 It’s a fun day out for a bunch of ladies, (men are welcome too).
 A nice lunch is included and at the end of the day we’ll serve a nice glass of wine accompanied by a nice cheese platter and other goodies while we admire each others’ creations.
 No one will go home disappointed. Most students so far have come back for more.
 Please view our website:
with some fun pictures of our Garden Spirits, shows and workshops.

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