Monday, 24 March 2014

retreat part 2 stoneart

For the second day of our powertex retreat we worked with stoneart
(above finished project by Emma Ivemey)
Using Styrofoam and plaster Buddha as our base and inspiration
along with whatever else we wanted to experiment with
cardboard, puzzle pieces and wooden skewers 

Working with ivory powertex  and stoneart we worked in small areas, gently pressing stoneart into the powertex and then rubbing to create a stone effect , layer after layer until we created the desired texture.  Adding elements to give depth and added interest.

Once the stone effect is achieved we used Bister in a spray bottle and a damp sponge

work in progress

finished project by NancyDonaldson

Monday, 17 March 2014

powertex retreat part 1

instructor Brigitte Thompson teaches the step by step process to students
Ava, Emma, Leanne, Roberta and Nancy

Using 16 gauge wire  cut three pieces , one 15 inches and two 24 inches.
Twist the two 24 inch wires together, starting at the middle.  The twist
should be 4 inches long, creating a torso, arms and legs.  Using the 15 inch
wire fold softly in the middle creating a  1 1/2 loop for the head and twist
4 or 5 times, creating a neck.  Fasten the neck onto the top of the torso, giving
a couple of twist over the shoulders and bending the ends down to the waist to
create the torso and fasten with masking tape.   To add "meat" to your body
use aluminum foil and tape into place.  Add Styrofoam ball or egg for head,
Before starting with powertex be sure have all your supplies ready.  Cover work area in plastic.
 Cut fabric , 100% cotton,  into 2 inch strips, these will be used to "mummify" your figure.
One at a time, dip strip into powertex,  using both hands work liquid into fabric until totally saturated
but not dripping.  Starting at the feet roll towards the torso overlapping slightly, do the same with the
arms , head and the rest of the body.  Make sure the fabric is tight, roll out the edges and smooth fabric as you go.

Once wrapped ,you can position your figure onto base and secure with a zip tie and
let dry . While waiting you can decide on how to dress your figure.  Thin cotton, cheesecloth,
lace trim and doilies all work great.  Continue with the same process to finish your figure.
Allow your sculpture to dry completely for a few days. 
 As a final touch you can highlight using a brush and acrylic paint ( metallic paints work great). 
Lightly brush over your figure to add some depth.
Above, Ava's finished sculpture

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Powertex meets Resin

Featured artist Carmi Cimicata  works wonders with powertex to create these wonderful bezels

Working with some of her favorite things;  vintage, handmade sewn trims and linens.  She poured some black Powertex into a tray and soaked her pieces in it. 
 " Powertex is a highly versatile product that makes most porous surfaces hard and weather resistant. This amazing product gives form and structure to cloth, paper, wood, gauze, concrete, plush toys, cardboard and more"
She decided to suspend her trims in a silicone baking tray.  This way she could create the shape she needed and also make removing the dried pieces easier.
One last step before letting her pieces dry.  Since the crocheted pieces have open areas she knew it would not hold the resin until it was lined.  She cut some squares out of a napkin.  The napkin paper is so thin, but it became super strong soaked in Powertex. 
This thin piece of paper then became the liner for the crocheted fragments. She let these Powertex pieces dry overnight.
The next day she had these truly unique bezels!  Note that only the Powertex soaked into the fabric dried.  The excess dripped to the bottom of my baking tray.
She coloured her crochet with paints and metallic rub-ons and then  added imagery and inclusions to the bezel shape she created.
above details of Carmi's work
"What I love the most about this technique is how beautiful my trims look.  All their detail is intact and I have created one of a kind bezels.  It is safe to say that I will be doing a number of Powertex experiments in the next few months!"
to see more details and more projects using these finished bezels
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