Sunday, 23 November 2014

upcycle with powertex

A funny story goes with it:
I was “garage sailing” when I came upon this wonderful rabbit.
  It was on the ground beside a couple of outdoor statues
 but as I went to go over to it the gentleman said,
  “ Before you get to excited it is just paper Mache and not stone.
 “ I smiled at him and said that’s okay how much?
 He said I should give it to you for free but how about 99 cents?
 Still smiling I said I’ll give you a dollar for it.
  This is how it turned out after POWERTEX AND ME were finished with it.
 Yesterday, a client came into the studio and offered to buy it for $75.00
but I declined saying it was for display only.
 Talk about profit!!!!!
Sharon Brassard
  Romantic Designs Romantic Designs Artist Studio

Monday, 17 November 2014

powertex dancer

  even though powertex is a fabic hardener
you can still show motion and movement
using wire and foil for the body and styrofoam for the head
I cover the form with powertex and stoneart
the dress , a crochet doily , really finishes it off