Friday, 25 July 2014

mermaid sculpture class with leanne

living by the sea has truly inspired Leanne!!
if you are in the Halifax area check out the Violet Unicorn for summer classes
there are 2 mermaid classes scheduled for August
plus mask making every Tuesday nite

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

clear powertex with janice

  I have sculpted  in clay and I also woodcarve and do Pyrography. I am mostly an artist in paint, self taught since 1972 and have run the gamut of all sorts of paints and techniques.
With Powertex , I learned from talking to Brigette and buying supplies from her. 
My ladies are very colourful and have painted faces. I hand sewed their clothing, trying it on before I use the clear Powertex . The lady in the green dress is the only one whose skirt is done the way the little booklet suggested.  The hair on the lady in green is a lightweight cotton wool that I dyed with coffee after sewing it onto some tulle; the other two ladies have hair made of crochet cotton on a fabric band and then dyed with tea.

Monday, 7 July 2014

image transfer with powerprint

working with powerprint is so quick and easy
not only can you use it with powertex and stoneart
it also works beautifully on leather, glass, metal and wood!!
the possibilities are endless
you can even transfer onto a terracotta pot
for my project
supplies needed
a canvas, corrugated cardboard, powercotton,
powertex in blue , ivory and bronze
stoneart and powerprint

 I mixed blue and ivory powertex to create the sky
working on the top two thirds I painted the canvas and then added stoneart to create some texture
paying more attention to the edges
I used bronze powertex for the "earth" and adding an extra thick layer in the centre
letting it sit for 5 minutes to create a "skin" I added stoneart  and gently rubbed it in
this made some really cool cracks
to add to the ground texture I painted some cardboard and powercotton

powerprint is so easy to use
simple apply a thin coat to the area and add your toner based photocopy face down
allow to completely dry ( use can use a dryer to speed the process)

once dried just add water and rub

Thursday, 3 July 2014

sneak peak

exciting news
Brigette Thompson is on her way to Belgium
for the International Trainer's conference
joining representatives from all over the world
to learn new techniques and textures
using a new powertex product 
stay tuned for full details when
she returns home next weekend