Monday, 24 March 2014

retreat part 2 stoneart

For the second day of our powertex retreat we worked with stoneart
(above finished project by Emma Ivemey)
Using Styrofoam and plaster Buddha as our base and inspiration
along with whatever else we wanted to experiment with
cardboard, puzzle pieces and wooden skewers 

Working with ivory powertex  and stoneart we worked in small areas, gently pressing stoneart into the powertex and then rubbing to create a stone effect , layer after layer until we created the desired texture.  Adding elements to give depth and added interest.

Once the stone effect is achieved we used Bister in a spray bottle and a damp sponge

work in progress

finished project by NancyDonaldson

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  1. Great workshop taught by Brigette. Stone Art is a unique medium that has unlimited possibilities. Well written post Nancy, thanks for sharing the love of Powertex.