Thursday, 12 June 2014

Zulu the firefly

               It has been three years since I took a one-day workshop with Tineke (
and I haven't stopped since. I name my sculptures alphabetically so I can better keep track of them.
  I have just started the alphabet a third time! I have sold about half of my sculptures and the rest
 have been gifts or still decorate our house and garden. Quinn has been in the garden for two years now and survived two Quebec winters! A hungry squirrel thought her nose was a buried seed and
dug it out the first winter, but after a quick face job, she looks better than ever!
              I belong to two different art associations and exhibit five times a year. In between, I give workshops to small groups at someone's home (like a tupperware party!) and everyone happily goes home with their own creation. I am hooked on the bronze colour as I love the faux-look of a bronze sculpture. Everyone is fooled and amazed!
              I don't have a studio but have a lovely big table set up in the unfinished basement. I have decent lighting, good music and a very helpful and supportive husband! Zulu the firefly who just won the "coup de coeur" (people's choice) this last weekend at the expo-concours in Pincourt, QC (theme: light). Last year at the same competition, I won "honourable mention" for Galaxia (theme: window on the future). The other photos are a workshop given as a surprise party and me (with Pandora) at the most recent exhibition in Beaconsfield, QC.

All my sculptures can be seen on my blog:

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  1. I love your firefly's name. Oh my, love how you name all of your sculptures starting from A.
    I am going to do that as well....

    I named one of my sculptures after the movie Lara Croft. That turned out due to the creativity of the design. thanks for sharing a lovely article. Congrat's on all of your accomplishments !!!