Monday, 25 August 2014

heritage photo album

I have a suitcase of heritage family photo's.
 Do you have heritage photo's?
 I suggest to make a date and have some tea with family members
and get the names recorded of all the people in those photo's before families
 become smaller and we forget who is in those photo's.

Here, I have re-purposed some family doilies from the actual
family members in those heritage photo's. 
How fun would this be, to journal that the actual album cover is
made from grandma's doilies?  

Start out with a sturdy corrugated cardboard chipboard piece for the album cover
  Apply a liberal amount of gesso or acrylic paint, dry.
 Dip the doilies into powertex and cover the cardboard.
Dip and decorate the cover with additional embellishments
 and dry well a couple of days.

Documenting the family history is a great hobby that will be so valuable to the family as the children grow to appreciate their ancestry.

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