Saturday, 11 October 2014

two friends sharing one creative passion

We create material sculptures on rocks, wood or other materials - our creations range from 8" - 24" These sculptures are made from recycled materials; t-shirts, tablecloths, doilies, wool, mops, ribbons and buttons.  We use an environmentally friendly product called Powertex that hardens the material onto the rock or wood surface. They are all original pieces and an absolute joy to make and to enjoy in the garden or in a home.
We hit local thrift shops, use mementos from our family and friends, and have gone on "rock finding" road trips!!! Do you do custom pieces? YES!! We can take notes and inspiration from the memory or person or moment you would like to capture... Gramma knitting in her favorite rocker, a fairy holding a favorite piece of jewellery, father and son fishing, sisters playing, your first child... it is really open to whatever it is you would like to capture!!
 Ever since a certain professor in school inspired me to explore my creative side, I have been in one way or another involved with art...painting, ceramic, pottery stain glass etc. A chance visit to a Garden Show would lead me to this current project / passion, Fabric Sculpting. Each sculpture flows out of me inspired by past and present spirits. The added fun is to match each inspiration with a great rock found along my travels. I love the recycling aspect of these projects, using natural fiber fabric such as cotton t-shirts, linen, old doilies, antique lace to dress the sculptures to a finished state. I have truly found my passion and happy place in creating these wonderful sculptures.

 My hobby is an absorbing one...but then who's isn't?I love this work, it's been my passion since I was a little girl to search and collect rocks and pieces of wood. So once I learned about the art of Material Sculpting and how these pieces could be transformed using my rocks and bits of wood, I was mesmerized. Everything used is pretty much reused, from old doilies to tablecloths, wool, hankies and pot scrubbers. It is so fulfilling to have a piece of clothing from a lost relative or friend or even a piece of jewelry that can be incorporated into a sculpture that will carry the memory of that person. The only limit I have is my imagination!!!!

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