Saturday, 14 February 2015

"the ice maiden" by Tracey Evans

I covered my canvas with ivory and lead Powertex hardener in a random pattern. Once fully dried I transferred the image using Powerprint, my main concern here was making sure the Powerprint was spread evenly and didn’t dry out anywhere before I put the image down ready for the transfer, it’s important to be quick and thorough when using a larger image otherwise it can be so disappointing to reveal your image and find a crucial bit hasn’t transferred

I added a little more hardener and gently worked in some Stone Art powder, picking up the texture by dry brushing with ivory Powertex hardener once everything was dry.

I chose some pieces of cotton lace ‘snowflakes’ to embellish my piece and rubbed in ivory hardener before applying them onto my canvas. I then used a stencil and some Easy structure to add interest in my corners, you can see detail of this above.
A touch of silver and gold colortrix and I was done!
What about the little birdcages I hear you ask?
I have no excuse for that, I liked them and felt they were right for the spot!
(this was originally post by Tracey on her blog seen here
and re-posted with her permission)

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