Thursday, 25 September 2014

sculpture by Eveline

 I live in the beautiful village Berlicum (NB) in The Netherlands. I have over 16 years experience with Powertex and all related Powertex products and have obtained all necessary certificates which a qualified Master Powertex Trainer requires to become a certified trainer and to provide workshops to train new trainers. It all started about 16 years ago when I first came into contact with Powertex, I was immediately hooked. In 2004 we immigrated to Australia where we started an imported and wholesale business with Powertex. In less than two years we had built a nationwide network of dealers and trainers, and Powertex had become a successful product in Australia. Our name was Astonishing Craft and Arts. Now it is belong to Ashley Bowley from Powertex Australia. Due to personal circumstances we returned to the Netherlands in February 2008, we sold our Powertex import and wholesale business to one of our trainers.
 After returning, I couldn’t sit back and do nothing! I had the urge to continue giving classes
 and share my experiences with Powertex and Stone Art.
I hope you'll be as excited as all of us who work with Powertex.
I wish everyone creative greetings.

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